Same Sex Church marriages in Wales, hopefully within the next 5 years

Same-sex weddings could be held in churches in Wales in five years, the new archbishop has said.

The Most Rev Andrew John has said the church should be inclusive and “welcome people, where they are, who they are”.

Last year, the Church in Wales passed legislation meaning couples could have their civil partnership blessed.

It was carried by a two-thirds majority, to be used experimentally for five years, but individual clergy will decide whether to bless partnerships.

The new archbishop said he was “enormously heartened by that vote”.

“Although it wasn’t unanimous – it showed the Church in Wales has a common mind on this,” he said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if, within that five-year period, we were once again talking about the marriage of same-sex couples,” he added.

Before that could take place, Andrew John said further discussion would be needed: “We need to make the journey and we then need to have the debateā€¦ and when we do that I think we’ll find ourselves looking back and thinking perhaps the concern or the trouble, real and sincere as it was, wasn’t a real problem.”

Same-sex marriages are not currently allowed by the Church of England or the Church of Scotland.

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