Programmable money should terrify you’ — Layah Heilpern

The comments come as Layah Heilpern believes CBDCs will give rise to government enforced censorship which will prevent residents from transacting how they wish.

Government-controlled “programmable money should terrify you,” says social media influencer and TV Host Layah Heilpern, who sees central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) as a way for banks and governments to reign control over their people.

In an interview on Friday with British news outlet GB News, Heilpern, who also released Undressing Bitcoin: A Revealing Guide To The World’s Most Revolutionary Asset in September 2021, said the widespread rollout of a CBDC from nation states is on its way, and that it could lead to the financial censorship of citizens in the future.

Heilpern stated that as CBDCs are essentially programmable cryptocurrencies that run on blockchains, they could potentially be “programmed against you” at the whims of the centralized authority behind them:

If for whatever reason you say the wrong thing, because you know we’re seeing censorship increasing, then that money can essentially be programmed to be used against you.”

Heilpern added that while a lot of people might find this concept to be “quite bizarre,” it’s very realistic given the restrictions that were enforced on unvaccinated people by governments:

With a CBDC, all [the government] have to do really is program that money so you can’t spend it on certain things.”

Heilpern also said that while CBDCs will be marketed as “better for the environment,” and serve as a “solution to rising inflation rates,” that’s simply “a lie.”

Following up on the interview via a Twitter post, Heilpern didn’t mince her words as she stated that the “Central Bank Digital Currencies will be marketed as better for the environment and the solution to inflation. It’s a lie. Money is the energy that fuels your life; so programmable money should terrify you.”

According to an Oct. 2021 report, 110 countries are “at some stage” of CBDC development, with the Bahamas’ Sand Dollar CBDC being the first of its kind to be rolled out in Oct. 2020.

But, perhaps the most controversial CBDC is China’s yuan (e-CNY), issued by the People’s Bank of China, which had its pilot version launched in April 2020, with some suggesting the ban on crypto was conducted to make way for the digital Yuan.

The Bank of Russia also began CBDC testing and is aiming to have one launched before their presidential election in 2024.

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